Břemeno, nebo potenciál?

randomroutines, 2017
Public rebar installation, Třinec, CZ. Curators: Katarína Klusová, Jakub Adamec

In 1968, Třinec, the czechoslovak steel town built a cinema, Kino Kosmos. Part of the project was the construction of a sculpture platform, just in front of the building. The platform was standing empty until 2017. 

During this fifty years long absence, the relationship of humans with the notion of kosmos changed a lot. Our distance from space is seemingly  growing - wishful space utopias transformed to grounded dystopias. 

We decided to build an observatory-like complex, resembling a broken telescope. The title is an appropiated text from Zoltán Balog, 

The observatory consists of:

  • a broken glass surface
  • a human tower of 7, with a woman on top, using a wrench
  • a stack of 6 interlocked chairs
  • a chair looking into the direction of the tower
  • a railing with the text “is it burden or is it resource?