In cease-fire

randomroutines, 2014

video installation

‘A dream on lucids’ is a feature-length documentary radioplay about the sect of  lucids, whose members practice techniques of conscious sleepwalking in their joint lucid dream. This hybrid form of existence is an experiment in search of an answer to the fundamental question of  why can't we live the way we want to.

Kisterem, 2016

The essence of confabulation is to relate fabricated events as though they had actually taken place in reality. Such a scenario is one that many would dismiss as lies, as something to be denounced, but this is a misguided attitude.

The work is based on our video archive, specifically the documentation of a nomadic trip in Finland from 2010. In this simulated lifestyle working with art was as important in our daily routine as getting food. Revisiting these scenes they seemed like staring into a utopia, something perfectly detached from the contemporary nihilism in Hungary. Based on the fragments we used the technique of confabulation to analyze the contrast between these.

The core of this piece is the radioplay like soundpiece based on a man’s narration structured by a female questioner and memory tests with a serial of figures. The projected images and videos are appearing in sporadic way as different illustrations or counterpoints.

The projections are using positions on each wall of the space in single and parallel ways as well as changing rhythm of the presentation.
The vertical video beam is supported  only by one HD projector built into a small table projecting to the ceiling, where a hanging chandelier divides the image field to 5 channels reflected on the walls in every directions.

These sources are used either as movie projectors, as well as theatrical light effects, and in some cases they represent a voice.

download script: EN HU

Cast + Thanks:

Female voice: Barbara Hegedűs
Male voice: Gábor Erlich
Pit-man: Péter Tomaj
Anaesthetist: Viljami Wager
Camera-head: Lasse Poser
Whisperer chorus: Huba Cseley & Keve Cseley

Sleepwalking theme, Rebar harp: Marci Kristóf
Memory exersize theme: Histoire du Soldat, samples (Igor Stravinsky)

Dóri Kangiszer, Wager Ninni, Viktor Kotun, Fanni Hegedűs, Janka Sulyok, István Szívós, István Csákány,  Csaba Farkas
Exhibition history:

Álom mű az, amit a művészek álmukban csinálnak meg. Kisterem, 2016

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