Workplace accidents of luddites

randomroutines, 2013/2018 
Public rebar installation, detail - maquette

Workplace accidents of luddites - block  1 of  7 - painted beech plywood, steel

The blueprint of this work was originally designed in Zlin, while working on FENCESCAPE. It was intended to be installed in front of a facade, as a 3 storey scaffolding structure. The work is a mashup of  scenes, taking place in different locations of a factory.  According to the original idea, in the centre of the construction there is a small wind turbine, its mechanical energy is used only to move certain parts of the installation - the attacking luddite figures,- this way the installation is slowly self-destructing. Of course, this proved to be nearly impossible to be approved by the authorities, so we abandoned the idea of a public artwork.
After 5 years we collected our unrealised public art projects, and started to finalize them as smaller-scale objects.