Moulting drawings

krisztián kristóf, 2018 
Kisterem Gallery, Budapest

Moulting drawings was a study for a later exhibition, with simple diagrams explaining the difference between the perception of the past and the future.

“I’m preparing an exhibition in which it will be possible to make a skype call into the past. This will be possible only once (i mean twice) and only for a short time.

I’ll have to invite a lot of people there. Or rather just the people who have been there in the past when they were called. And from that batch...only those... about whom it have not been exposed since...that they have used this advantage to the detriment of society (it’s complicated).

This is not that exhibition yet. That will be realised around 2038, a bit too late, from my point of view.
This time there will be drawings only.

Sending messages to the future is not a big deal; i am able to do that by these artworks. Some of it might still exist twenty years from now. I’ll be sitting there, looking at them, looking at how weathered they became. Just like me. My vision of the future won’t be any sharper then either, and excluding one thing, everything will be even more foggy than it is now.

I’m greatly waiting the call of that other man.”

Study I, II, and Icebreaker (wrapping paper, paraffin, wood, bitumen, rebar, rope - 163 x 407 x 63 cm)

Exhibition history:

 Molting drawings,  Kisterem, Budapest, 2018

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